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Updates–Late Edition

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Sorry that this is appearing on Monday night instead of Sunday night as normal. But last night, I just felt like being lazy after dinner, flipped around on the TiVo between recorded shows and baseball and then settled down to watch Mad Men. By the time that was over, it was 10, and I was done for the night.

To the first order of business: I can proudly report that I dropped 3.4 pounds last week, almost doubling the total so far, so I’m up past the 7 pound mark. And, in a more positive note, that’s almost 5% of my goal. Put that way, it’s almost inspiring.

The weekend was great in our little corner of the world. Patrick geeked out with friends on Saturday while the girls and I went at working on clearing out more of the back yard. And we made a great deal of progress, which helps the motivation levels on continuing. So I’m starting to make my short list of projects to tackle when I have the promised family mob over to help work around the house sometime next month.

On Saturday night, we headed out to a family friendly comedy show in Uptown. None of the kids had ever been to an improv show, but Patrick in particular really loved it, so it looks like we’ll be heading back sometime. If you’re interested, go check out ComedySportz. Fun team-type improv games.

The kids have all headed into the last week of school, which means that in just days, we’ll have a high school senior in our midst, plus a pair of 8th graders…Somewhere, young me is just sobbing uncontrollably. And old me is just groaning.

I’m proud to report that the van–which had been experiencing problems–was fixed to the tune of $8, which certainly makes my budgeting happy. See, the power steering had been making noise, and I’d checked the belt, determined the belt was fine, so reasoned it must be the power steering pump going bad. Googled that to find the ballpark on pricing, and cringed at the thought of paying that much for something so close to the top of the engine. So when we were out during Memorial weekend, the steering finally gave up, and I had to muscle it around corners. But yesterday, while Googling the topic some more to see if it might have been something easy and inexpensive enough for me to do, I discovered a thread that had a surprisingly simple thought: check the fluid level, stupid. One $8 bottle of power steering fluid later, some running of the engine, and an overnight to let things settle in, and we seem to be back in business without the bothersome pump squealing. Next time, I’ll try to ask all of the correct questions to the car problem.

In the meantime, I have no more news to report on my big announcement of last week. We’re getting closer, I’m told, but nothing that can be actually announced yet. But I’m pretty sure I can share the news that Jenni was hired as a permanent employee at her job, so a big congrats to her! She’s the happiest I’ve seen her in a job for a long time, so it feels like this long, strange trip we’ve taken over the last few years may have found its purpose.

Finally, I’m trying to do some more work on the back side of the entire website, and trying to sort out a conundrum on Jenni’s site. Nothing on the blog, because I’m actually pretty happy with it for now. But I’m working on making the framework for some of the other parts of this thing that I want to put together. It’s probably a few weeks off yet, but it’s still slow steady progress on my site. The fix for Jenni’s site is proving a little more elusive, but it’s all part of the learning process.

Thanks for sticking around, all.

See you tomorrow.