It’s been intriguing watching people who work at the campus where I am working now. They’re a different brand of people than we have in my old building–a lot of shirt-and-tie types, hustling off to meetings talking about who-knows-what; engineers talking to each other about trying to figure out how to sandwich something into a […]

Yeah, So That Happened…

It’s not often that one hears about a nasty storm that hit the city you live in from one of your own kids who are far, far away. Yet it happened. Let me rehash this strange weekend for you, starting from the end: Our cable is out. Again. Which means that our access to the […]


I started the new gig today. And as with all semi-formal moves within a gigantic monolithic corporation, it comes with some pains and inconveniences. Like not having the correct account setup to do what I need to do right out of the box. Or, actually finding out where I was sitting until I’d wandered around […]

The Official Announcement

So finally I’ve been released from the shackles of…um…shackletude, and am allowed to tell you all what’s been so hush-hush in my little world. I’m moving from the help desk at work to a temporary assignment on a big project that will work on managing our software licenses. See, apparently in a company this big, […]

The Quest

I love my technology. I believe that I’ve mentioned that before, though. But one thing that I’ve found great about my technology is the ability to check out e-books from the library. It’s instantaneous, easy to check out and return, and, moreover, in a direct appeal to the cheap side of my nature, free. So, […]