I’ve debated about even putting up this post, but it’s big and important, and I can’t really talk about it in too many specifics. So with apologies for the vagaries, here’s the deal: it’s all good.

Over the course of just about 24 hours, Jenni and then I received some good news at work. Both are apparently small changes that really mean much more important things, and we’re both thrilled both for ourselves and for each other, because the news has been that good.

Honestly, it’s been a long road to getting back to news that’s this good at work for each of us, so we have reasons to celebrate. For me, it feels great to really feel energized and excited about work again. And I’m pretty sure that Jenni’s excited about her developments too.

But for now, I can’t talk at all about my change because it hasn’t been announced yet. And I’ll let Jenni either publicly announce her news or give me permission to announce it before I’ll put it here. But I’d expect you’ll have the full story here within a few days.

In the meantime, I will accept your hearty, if somewhat confused, praise.

See you tomorrow.