Memorial Weekend Musings

It’s an odd thing, that a fun weekend can really be relatively unremarkable. At least in the sense that there isn’t really too much to report from it.

But first, the business end of the weekend: I’m down another .2 pounds, which is hardly worth reporting, except for the fact that it brings me to the 4 pound mark. This is progress, but kind of disheartening for a month’s worth of effort. Though, to be fair, and by that I mean just looking myself in the eyes and laying it out there, I haven’t been exercising much. So there’s the next challenge.

So back to the weekend. There were a couple of family gatherings, some dining out, some grilling, games, talking, catching up, TV time, and it was all very enjoyable.

The girls went to a friend’s birthday party Friday night and stayed into Saturday, then we had a get together with Jenni’s brother and his family. Then some downtime Saturday night, church on Sunday, a pretty relaxed and quiet Sunday, a nice chance to sleep in this morning, and then time with my parents, followed by some more, much appreciated downtime.

And yes, someone alert the media: I actually cleared out 3 shows from the TiVo that I had recorded…Gotta be some kind of record, only because I record things and then don’t take the time to watch them one-at-a-time. I usually go in bursts. But, alarmingly, I’ve been watching Mad Men this season actually in the weeks that the episodes have run. Though, the way the season’s been going, I’m not entirely sure that’s been a good thing.

Otherwise, there was some food experimentation: a gluten-free tuna and pasta salad, and a quinoa tabboleh. The tabboleh came out great, and I’ll definitely be making more of that because that should be very good for me. But for the life of me, I can’t figure out the gluten-free pasta’s behavior when making pasta salad. Eaten immediately after making, or even later in the day, the salad is fine. Consumed the next day, however, the pasta becomes hard and almost crunchy. I’m starting to wonder if the brand just can’t handle it or what. But it’s got me baffled. I’ll Google that a bit this week and see what I can find.

So, as you can see, nothing too out of the ordinary to bring to you for tonight. I’ll try to have a more interesting life tomorrow that I can report on.

See you tomorrow.



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