Welcome to the now (hopefully) weekly glimpse into my life.

First, the big news: I dropped another 1.6 pounds this past week, according to the scale. That brings me to a total of 3.8 pounds since this journey has begun. And I’m pleased with this drop, though I was happier when I jumped on the scale on Thursday (I know…don’t do it mid-week), and it showed I’d lost 4 pounds for the week up to that point. So while I was buoyed by that apparent breakthrough earlier in the week, I was a little less so when I took my official weight for the week Sunday morning. But, it’s progress. Slow and steady.

In the meantime, you may have noticed already that I finally got the latest redesign of the blog here to work properly. Though, if you’re looking at it on IE, it may not look quite right, but I’m not sure. My work laptop can’t render the page properly in IE, but all of my computers at home make it look right. So I don’t know…But now that this design is set and I’m learning more about the process, I’ll keep tweaking and moving forward.

As I’m writing this, it’s Monday, which means that I didn’t post last night as I usually do, and that’s because it turned into a busy afternoon. I worked in the garden out back up until the thunderstorms rolled in with a vengeance mid-afternoon–and by work, I really mean demolition to get it back to a starting point so that we can get it looking good again. Then dinner, and then off to Target to take the girls shopping for their birthday gifts.

We got Hannah a bike–an honest-to-goodness, brand-new bike, a pink Schwinn cruiser that in the few hours she’s had it, she adores.



It’s actually a 7-speed and has a detachable basket on the front, plus a comfy seat, and high handlebars. After some adjustments, she rode it up and down the block repeatedly until it was time for bed.

Zoe wanted a good point-and-shoot camera, as she’s falling in love with the media arts at school. So we picked up a nice Nikon for her. We got it set up last night, but I don’t think she’s shot any pictures with it yet. I’m still trying to convince her to get a Tumblr page, though…Maybe with the camera, she’ll be more inclined to put things up from the new camera.

For those who do not live in our little world, you may not be fully aware that the girls’ birthdays are tomorrow (Tuesday, May 21). And, as the added bonus, I’m informed that they will now officially be teenagers, having reached the magic age of 13. This also means they can legitimately join Facebook, which I am certain their social-media loving mother will oblige them with as soon as possible on Tuesday evening. So those of you reading this who know them well, be on the lookout for your friend request. But I imagine there are worse things.

And finally, and this is the most momentous news of the weekend, Patrick endured an event that truly lived up to its name: the Ordeal. This ordeal was the initiation, as it were, into the Order of the Arrow for Boy Scouts. He was nominated by his troop, and was taken up to the camp on Friday after school. Then the weather rolled in. He spent the night camping on his own, outside, under a tarp. Heavy rain and thunderstorms rolled in, and finally, after some cajoling by one of his troop leaders, he and the other boys in the ordeal were brought inside to safety. But for the rest of the evening and next day, they were given minimal food, and expected to be as silent as possible. At the end of it, he got a sash, which I will certainly get a picture of and post here, but most importantly was his pride in the accomplishment and what it means to him, who is still very proud to be the first in two generations on the Dunnette side to amount to much of anything in scouts. His great grandfather would be very proud. And I am too.

I plan on posting tonight–a discussion of my daughters and their birthday, as I embark on the horror that is having three teenagers in the same house. Wish me well.

See you tomorrow.