Time for the weekly updates which should have aired here Sunday or Monday nights but didn’t because other things took precedence.

In diet news, I lost .8 pounds this past week, which makes for a 2.2 pound total. Not nearly what I wanted, since I could probably lose that much just by shedding body hair, but it’s still a slight downward trend that looks good on a chart. I’ve been concentrating on eating well–fruit, veggies and cheese at lunch, reserving meat for dinner. So far, so good, but I’m hungry all of the time and my stomach is sounding like a pod of whales.

You probably noticed that there was nothing of note to notice here this past week. The promised changes didn’t change anything because I tried rolling a change out and it broke several things for reasons I’m still investigating, so the next phase of redesign is on hold for the time being. Of course, it doesn’t help that these redesigns to the blog formatted pages can’t be tested offline–I have to upload them and activate them and see if the site works to test them. When I tried that midday of some day last week, I got nothing but errors, so rolled back to the tried and true stuff you see before you now.

In short, ambition caused a crash. I tried going too far too fast. Stages, Paul…Stages. I’ll try again later this week or early next week.

I did need to update the Twitter applet over there in the right hand sidebar because Twitter has been changing rules on how to use their precious data plug-ins. So I had to move to a different sidebar widget and configure that.

In the meantime, I’ve been talking to Zoe about setting up her own Tumblr page that ties into our site so that she could post some pictures for the world to see in a place other than Instagram. She’s interested, but as with all of my kids, doesn’t want to know the details or install the app required to make this happen. So stay tuned. Hannah, on the other hand, just sort of looked at me as if to say “why would I want that?” I don’t think her page will happen anytime soon.

That’s the size of things from this side of the blog. Thanks for reading.

See you tomorrow.