Don’t Look!

Between riding along with Patrick driving to and from scouts last night, I watched some TV and did some exercising. Or more specifically, stretching.

And as I thought about it afterward, I’m not sure I’d want anyone to see that, with me in the dark, on the floor rolling around and doing range-of-motion stretching to get things limbered up and moving in ways they don’t usually. I’m certain I probably look like a beached whale right after a fashion shoot.

Why on the floor? And why in the dark? Because last night specifically, I was trying to get caught up on Mad Men, while watching some of the hockey game and the tail end of the Twins game. And if I do the stretches on the floor, I can keep my mind on something else while giving my hips and hamstrings and back a workout.

Actually, I’m sore today. I ended up going a full 20 minutes–5 more than usual, probably because I got caught up in the Mad Men thing at the time. Though who knows…That could have been caused by getting down on the floor and then back up.

See you tomorrow.