Status Update

Wow. So this week really got away from me. Nothing posted since last Sunday’s update. I’d like to say that I was exercising all of that time. But I can’t. Life, lack of anything useful to write about AND exercise are all to blame.

But let me just update you on things in the Land O’ Lathrops.

Here’s the good news: 1.4 pounds lost in the week, which means only about 148.6 pounds left to go…roughly. I know. It’s a start, and I just have to make a start and keep going. The not so good news is that I didn’t exercise five days this week as promised, I only got in 3 days of 15 minutes each. And I won’t be doing it tonight, but hopefully I’ll pick some up tomorrow, but that depends on the evening’s activities.

Moving on to some site news, I’ve been playing with a design update for the page here that is ending up somewhere between a tweak and a major revision. It’s still not quite what I have in my head, which, the more I work at this, the more I realize it’s really an amorphous concept rather than a solid vision. It’s weird: I’ve got this firm thought about the idea of what I want my site to look like, and every time I start to try to get there, it’s kind of like looking at someone else’s interpretation of what I’m thinking. And the best I can do to describe it is “clean, modern, bright, easy to read, flexible…” I might as well be describing a museum space. I’ve even tried sketching it out, but my hands completely lack the ability to adequately translate the artistic vision of my brain. Apparently, my brain needs a translator.

Anyway, the upshot to that, as mentioned a while back, is that sometime this week or early next week, you’ll probably see some things moving and changing around here.

So there are the updates for now. I’ll try to write more–or actually some–this week.

See you tomorrow.