I’ve debated about even putting up this post, but it’s big and important, and I can’t really talk about it in too many specifics. So with apologies for the vagaries, here’s the deal: it’s all good. Over the course of just about 24 hours, Jenni and then I received some good news at work. Both […]

Memorial Weekend Musings

It’s an odd thing, that a fun weekend can really be relatively unremarkable. At least in the sense that there isn’t really too much to report from it. But first, the business end of the weekend: I’m down another .2 pounds, which is hardly worth reporting, except for the fact that it brings me to […]


Beware. I have teenagers now. Well, okay. I’ve had a teenager for 3-plus years now, but as of today, I have nothing but teenagers in the under-18 subgroup in the household. Hannah and Zoe are 13 today. Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible that they’re that old yet. And other times, they get that serious look […]


Welcome to the now (hopefully) weekly glimpse into my life. First, the big news: I dropped another 1.6 pounds this past week, according to the scale. That brings me to a total of 3.8 pounds since this journey has begun. And I’m pleased with this drop, though I was happier when I jumped on the […]

When a Stadium Isn’t a Stadium

The Vikings showed off renderings of their new stadium Monday night. It is our $1 billion temple purpose-built to the football gods, a place to stand for 30 years or so as our monument to our perpetually mediocre professional football team. And it’s just butt ugly. I’m not even sure that it looks like a […]


It was, by any measure, a momentous day on Monday. The Minnesota Senate passed the same-sex marriage law which finally allows for the state to stop discriminating against a group of people based solely on who they love. Wherever you stand on the issue, it’s an important day, but not the end nor the beginning […]


Time for the weekly updates which should have aired here Sunday or Monday nights but didn’t because other things took precedence. In diet news, I lost .8 pounds this past week, which makes for a 2.2 pound total. Not nearly what I wanted, since I could probably lose that much just by shedding body hair, […]

Mother’s Day

The entirety of the Lathrop clan gathered on Sunday for a brunch at the Campus Club at the U. We’d done that a couple of years ago, then last year at the top of the IDS center, but since that didn’t seem to be going this year, we went back to the Campus Club. But […]

In Concert

When it rains, it pours, I tell you. So much to offer this week in terms of posts. I’ve got to do some catching up from last week, give you updates, and offer a tribute to moms. This will all be coming during the week. First, I need to post the videos from the girls’ […]

Don’t Look!

Between riding along with Patrick driving to and from scouts last night, I watched some TV and did some exercising. Or more specifically, stretching. And as I thought about it afterward, I’m not sure I’d want anyone to see that, with me in the dark, on the floor rolling around and doing range-of-motion stretching to […]