I have to admit that up until the last couple of weeks, I’d never really realized that prom night for your children is a marker in the developmental timeline of your kids.

But it is. It’s the first “grown up” date that your child will go on. Their first formal affair built entirely around them. An ¬†evening that, in the end, parents really work hard to make sure their child enjoys.

So, before I go much further, thanks mom and dad. I never realized what it all was about before.

That picture up there is Patrick’s tux jacket and pocket square. He had a purple vest and tie and pocket square, and fortunately, like his father, he has the build to look really good in a tuxedo.



Maybe this one isn’t entirely fair. Patrick was hot. And uncomfortable. But I just love this picture: the look on his face is so thoughtful. And it shows off the tux so well.


Shortly after this, Patrick and I went–in his car–to pick up Summer, his girlfriend, from her house, and brought her back to our house for a homemade dinner at “Chez Lathrop” (wonderful menu card created by Jenni). Since she’s gluten free, I just figured it might be a bit easier for them if we had a good dinner at our place. So, with homemade spaghetti, sauce, and meatballs, they enjoyed their dinner, and then moved on to dessert.



There’s dessert: a flourless chocolate cake, which was a bigger hit than I expected.

But let’s get to the stuff you really want to see:



Aren’t they cute?

Driving them home, they were both pretty excited about their evening: both had a good time. And they both looked great.

And it was fun to see Patrick have one of those important nights in his life.

See you tomorrow.