We survived yet another blast of snow last night–about 4 or so inches of heavy, wet, slushy stuff.

I was out with a friend last night, and walked through Dinkytown to the car, and found that my feet were soaking wet by the time I got there because the snow was more slush than actual snow. But the driving wasn’t that bad either last night or this morning, unless you wanted to change lanes or go somewhere where someone hadn’t created tire tracks yet: the slush would just grab the tires and take you if you weren’t careful.

But you can tell Old Man Winter has overstayed his welcome when even the kids come downstairs in the morning, look at the weather board I write up every morning, and sigh, whine, and moan about winter never ending.

So, to try to answer their complaints, maybe they’ll appreciate this–one hour of snow melting outside of my office window, compressed down to 27 seconds. Yes, spring may just come sometime soon.

In a stupid sort of way, it starts to make you feel just a little warmer when you can actually see the snow fading away.

See you tomorrow.