Yes kids, conclusive proof that I’m the talentless hack in the household…

So, for the three of you out there who haven’t seen the videos on Facebook, I’ll bring them to you here, but first the setup, so you know what this was all about.

The kids are heading off to our family’s favorite state–Wyoming–this summer on a servant trip for church. As is normal for these things, we’ve worked in, run, and participated in several fundraisers to help keep our portion of the cost down. And as a parent of three kids going on the trip, I greatly appreciate that.

So, on Saturday, the church held the latest fundraiser: a talent show. The overall talent was from across the whole church, but the proceeds–ticket sales, and tip jars at the tables–went to the trip expenses.

My crew offered up their talents to the show, and I played a behind-the-scenes role, serving as lead geek for the affair (read: running the sound system, videotaping, getting some photos, and the like). So, in chronological order of their performance, I give you the Lathropworld contributions to the show.

Hannah and Zoe performed what perhaps may have been the toughest act of the four you’ll see: Zoe sang, a capella, while Hannah provided the percussion using a plastic cup.

Patrick followed later with some card tricks (don’t worry, you didn’t miss any more than about 5 seconds of the start of his act when the video finally kicks in). Oh, and his first victim…er…volunteer, is our pastor.

Then came one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen anyone in my family do: Patrick and Jenni demonstrate how to give communion. And what may make it even better is that it wasn’t scripted, nor practiced. They worked out a brief framework, but it was all ad lib.

And then, right after that, they came back and did a similar skit about baptism.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my entire family. They rocked their performances, and, really, all are natural entertainers. Even is some of them don’t think so.

And honestly, I still can’t keep from laughing whenever I watch the communion video.

For those that have seen this already, thanks for playing along. For the rest of you, enjoy.

See you tomorrow.