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Prom, First Drives and Taxes

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What a 24 hours, eh?

I filed out taxes last night, because, when you owe money come tax time, why bother sending it off to them any sooner than necessary, right?

But that was after heading to the mall and actually standing in line to reserve a tuxedo for Patrick for prom. And it was a line that actually went out of the store. From there, the process just got, well, odd.

You see, I don’t remember how I felt about getting my tux for prom. The first time, mom took me and paid for it, and I don’t think we were in there too long (the old Gingiss Formalwear at Rosedale). The second time, I went myself and plunked down the $50 or $60 that was necessary. But I don’t remember fussing, or even being nearly as completely unenthused at the whole prospect as Patrick is.

Much to my chagrin, my son is not one to even want to dress up for anything. In fact, the only time he regularly wears a button up shirt is for his band concerts, when it’s a requirement–ironically, next year’s band requires a tux for all male members. So there’s been some amount of fussing over having to dress up in a rented suit for a dance. More importantly, he either doesn’t know or understand the component parts of a tuxedo, and had no idea what he wanted: what style jacket, vest and tie, cummerbund, bowtie…So every question asked of him received a sigh in reply.

All that being said, he’s got the body type to wear a tuxedo well, and I’ll think he’ll look wonderful on prom night next weekend (yes, pictures will be had and shared).

And the cost? Remember it’s now 26 or so years later, but our rental is running $170. Julie, I’m looking at you…Although I just realized I have two daughters who will be going to prom at the same time…Dammit.

Well hell. As long as I’m spending all of this money, might as well take Patrick driving, right? The kid passed his written test last week, and we spent a good hour or so out at AAA to apply for his permit. (By the way, did you know that if you’ve never had a license or ID in the state of Minnesota, you’re limited to the places you can go to apply for one? Yep! The things you find out when you’re trying to get your kid his permit on a Saturday).

So, now that he’s legally with permit, I took him out to the local cemetery after dinner to just do some basic first-time driving to get used to the feel of it. Yes, a cemetery, because I figured that if he hit anything, it would be dead anyway, right?

He kind of white-knuckled it around the place for almost a half-hour, learning the feel of the car and all of that stuff that we experienced drivers now take for granted. But he did well, didn’t crash, and we’ll head out again soon.

Now as much as I’d like to say I won’t be spending any money tomorrow, I will–gotta give him cash for prom tickets ($80!!!) and I’ve got to hit the grocery store in the morning.

See you tomorrow.