The Church Tour – Continued

(Honestly, I started writing this last night, but couldn’t post it because our host service had a server go bad and didn’t get things back going until midday today…)

Before we’re all completely snowed under by…um…snow, it was time for Hannah and Zoe to head off for their church visit for this week: St. Mark’s Episcopal near Loring Park in Minneapolis.


It’s interesting how a church can have the same style as another but feel almost completely different. Architecturally, there were striking similarities–the ceiling is almost an exact duplicate of Central Lutheran that we saw last week. But the space felt smaller and darker, though it was no less interesting.

There was a curious simultaneous formality and informality to the Episcopal experience there: the first being the fact that this is a cathedral, so the bishop does indeed come there to worship, and even has his own throne…er…chair, that’s reserved just for him. And, in spite of the fact that our tour guide wore a cassock, he assured us that we Lutherans had more in common with the Anglican church than they do with Catholics.


All that being said, it was a pretty space and worth visiting just to see something different.

(Okay…That was as far as I got last night…And honestly, I forgot where I was going, so let’s go with that.)