Addition Notes

Things are expanding and changing around here, as promised.

I’ve dropped a couple of posts into a new Tumblr blog which you can get to by using my own vanity address (I just like the sound of having something to which the vanity tag can be attached…). I’ll have a link from the homepage at some point soon when I address some design questions I have in my head. But for now, you can bookmark and go to

Keep in mind that it, too, is a work-in-progress, and the design, look, and feel may change from visit to visit. It, like everything else around here for a while, is a plaything, a toy, and an experiment. Part of why I started it up was to see if I could successfully marry my site to a vanity address on Tumblr. And I did it, so now that I’ve got that going, I may just see I want to or should change my primary Tumblr site address.

But this page will be a place for pictures of food. Talking about food. Discussing restaurants. Sharing recipes. Sharing things I find online that are food related. Heck, maybe even showing off some of the stuff I find in my frequent trips to the grocery store.

Let me know what you think: I’m just as open to suggestions as I am to thinking my own way is right. So you probably stand a 50-50 chance of seeing any single suggestion stick.

As always, thanks for reading and visiting.

See you tomorrow.