Catching Up


Yep, I’ve been away for a bit. Nothing much to say, no real drive to come up with something to write. So I haven’t. Just left this place vacant and old, like the plot of an Adam Sandler movie.

And I skipped posting last night too, though for the same and more reasons. I didn’t have enough to say, or so I thought, and really didn’t feel like typing.

We spent Sunday at the Mall of America, the family and I. The girls and Jenni had their last Girl Scout Cookie Booth to sell at for the season, and we are now more-or-less officially cookie-free at the Lathropworld compound.


But we decided to make a day of it out there, because really, that place demands nothing else. It’s not geared as the kind of mall where you can park, run in, grab something, and get out in anything less than an hour. And let’s face it, parking alone takes a good 20 minutes most times.

So we packed up and headed south after noon, with a load of cookies in the back, and the vast expanse of the afternoon and early evening’s time at a shopping mall ahead of us.

Let me preface all of this with the following: I hate crowds. As a general rule, I hate the Mall of America because parking is horrible, the people are selfish and rude, and it always seems like everything that I or my family may want to do, shop at or see are at complete opposite corners from each other, so walking from one store to the next frequently requires a sherpa. And a map. And possibly a yak. Though that may be optional.

But I can steel myself for these planned trips–it’s the ones that sort of pop up unplanned that really grate my cheese. I don’t know why I overreact so much at being out there. But I just do. It isn’t fun for anyone involved. Especially my family.

As I said, though, I had a while to plan for this one. So I got to plan. And prepare. Figured out where everyone wanted to go before we were locked in at the cookie booth. Then we determined that we’d have a late lunch/early dinner at the mall, and planning for meals is where I shine. I got a reservation–probably unneeded, but safe anyway because we were on a schedule.

(Lunch was had under here)


So in the end, we had a great day: a couple of hours of wandering and shopping before getting our nice sit-down meal at Crave (anywhere that gets me sushi while the kids can have pasta is OK with me), and then we were off to get the cookies from the car and bring them to the booth. Jenni and the girls sold while Patrick and I wandered some more and he hit the Lego store.

So why didn’t I write last night? I was unearthing the Camry–the second car that was part of Patrick’s inheritance from my grandfather. We’ve been a one-car family since the Roosevelt administration, so there just hasn’t been a compelling need to get the thing out of the driveway for about a month. Tonight, there’s a need.

As I said, I was digging it out, or trying to. And discovered the snowmelt had settled in a nice thin sheet below nearly the entire car, including the tires. After much tire spinning, I got it moved halfway out of its spot. And got out of the car to see what else it was hung up on. And then gravity took hold.

I went tail-over-teacup, to use the phrase. Not once, but twice. I landed the first time on my butt and hip and elbow. My phone, used as a flashlight, skittered across the ice. I crawled over to get it, then tried to get up, only to take another tumble, this time hitting the other side of my body. So I crawled off of the ice onto the snow and regained verticality.

I emptied the container of ice melt in the course of loosing the Camry from its frozen encumbrance. But it’s out, and today, the space is covered with about 4 inches of new snow. Just. In. Time.

I’m hoping for that quick March snowmelt.

So I may or may not write tonight for tomorrow. It depends on how late I get back from the fine French dinner mom’s taking me to…I’ll try to report on that later.

See you tomorrow.