Our Take On News Photos

The world is a wacky place, folks. What with countries like Greece teetering on the edge of insolvency, the US government perfecting the art of complete inaction, and countries like Venezuela and North Korea going almost full-on nutso thanks to their leadership, it’s heartening sometimes to see pictures like those that follow. Especially when you start pondering perhaps an alternate interpretation or set of captions.


Let the revelry begin, with pictures released by the official Korean Central News Agency on Feb. 21, 2013, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is shown inspecting Korean People’s Army Unit 323, also known as the O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment, in Pyongyang :


pb-130221-nk-kim-da-01.photoblog900Kim Jong Un is seen inspecting the troops here at Camp AllHopeIsLost. He is shown testing the new “Honka-Honka” notification system on the supply packs.


OR….Kim Jong Un walks through a slum as several of his subjects show him everything they own.


OR…”Seriously, what the hell is up with that haircut? It’s like business on the sides and party on top. But what does that mean?”


OR…Paratroopers under review by Kim Jong Un, who asked the soldier in front of him why he joined the corps. The reply: because this is the only way to land safely after an airplane flight!


Yeah. I know. The first one was funnier. Moving on:


pb-130221-nk-kim-da-03.photoblog900“So…This is all we have to feed all 24 million people in the country for this month? WTF?”


OR…”No, I mean really, what’s with your hairdo? Are your ears trying to get away from your hairline?”


And finally:


pb-130221-nk-kim-da-02.photoblog900“And this one is…?”
“That’s rice, excellency.”
“And this one?”
“Also rice, excellency.”
“Should I ask what the last one is?”


OR…”This one is too hot. This one is too cold. But this one is just right!”


OR…”Really? Linoleum on a crappy table and one bare light bulb hanging down in this kitchen? Can’t we at least afford an extra candle?”


Congrats. You’ve survived another fun-filled romp through the world.


See you tomorrow.