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The Catch-Up Post

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Okay, apologies, as usual, for short-changing you the last couple of nights.


Downton Abbey on Sunday was a must-see for me because Jenni knew what the big deal was for the last episode of the season, and I didn’t. And she knew that the surprise would be blown if I didn’t watch it and ended up seeing all of the tweets and stories online.


So, the surprise was indeed a surprise. Leave that show to stick you right in the eye just when you thought things were getting better for the Crawleys, Granthams and their staff. I’ll leave it there just in case some of you haven’t fired up the VCR, DVR or online viewing of that last episode yet.


Meanwhile, for those who follow me in all of my social media hangouts, you’ll have seen tags for Rethink Church and 40 Days…All of us here are participating in a thing online during lent to take pictures related to a word of the day and post them on Twitter and/or Instagram. Those links are to mine. You can see Jenni’s here, Hannah’s here, Zoe’s here, and Patrick’s here. And yes, the latter three are less enthusiastic about participating in this little project. But you can check out their pictures anyway.


For those who think that my family and I are too wrapped up in our technology, you can rest assured that you’re right: We’ve stepped the girls up to data plans and smartphones. So let me tell you the story…


We’re with T-Mobile. Been with them now for very nearly nine years. But Big Magenta has declared that they want to gently nudge their existing customers into a new kind of contract plan and out of the old style plans. Their timeline was to hopefully have made most of their customers changed by the end of the year. So I knew that was coming.


And then Jenni’s phone started freaking out and not operating optimally. So a replacement phone for her has been on the horizon for a bit. And as I started doing the research about the new plan and how it’s different, I made a discovery: we could switch over to the new plan, get the same or better minutes and services, and end up paying just about the same per month or less even if we added the girls to the data portion of the plan.


So in an interminable session at the local T-Mobile store, we were transitioned over by a very helpful and extraordinarily patient salesman. By the end of the night, our plan cost is now $50 less per month, we had three new phones (including a really cool one that Jenni got that I’m slightly envious of, except that I still really like my phone), and even with the installment plans for the phones–which is why the plan is cheaper: no more subsidized phone prices–I’m still saving some money every month.


Makes me grin, it does.


So that’s probably confusing, but the upshot is this: the girls can now Instagram from their phones. Or e-mail. Or tweet (Zoe, at least. Hannah doesn’t have a Tweeter account). Or–and this was the big win for them–text more efficiently with the slide-out keyboard.


Right about now is when I shudder a bit, wondering what I’ve done. But honestly, it was coming at some point. Might as well have done it in one move.


Lessee, what else have you missed? Not much else going on around here. We’re resuming the seasonal schedule: Wednesdays in Lent mean soup suppers and church. The kids are back in school after slightly staggered four-day weekends. We’re still doing the gluten-free diet (mostly successfully, though not with the expected or hoped for results). And we’ve still got some cases of Girl Scout cookies in the living room…Which seems to completely mock the gluten-free diet thing.


So there you go. A wide and varied look at things around the ol’ homestead. Back tomorrow with more stuff.


See you tomorrow.