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What does it say when today was the warm day of the week? It was 9 above this morning, no worry about the girls walking off to the bus stop and waiting for 5 minutes in the cold…Then, this afternoon, the bottom fell out again, and it’s cold and windy.


It dawned on me today, as I was pondering the chill in my toes, that my family and I, within the span of just five months have gone from being in 107 degree desert heat in the Mojave and Vegas to 10 below on the steppes here in Minnesota. Oh, and the poor van has suffered through that as well.


I wondered briefly what it thinks, if indeed it could think, of these few months: going from showing signs of overheating on a long incline into some mountains not far from Las Vegas, to groaning and creaking and rattling in the arctic cold around here. I mean, think about it: my family, our car, and I have experienced a 120 degree temperature swing in less than half a year. It’s a little bewildering.


And perhaps what’s worse, I can recall sitting outside, poolside, at our hotel in Vegas, with a bottle of ice water at my side, wondering how anyone can possibly consider living in the middle of a desert. Now I’m pondering the same thing about living here in the middle of winter.


Oh sure, it’s a dry heat in the desert: 107 degrees still feels like 107 degrees. I’ll admit that in the shade by the pool it didn’t feel that bad, but get out into the sun and it was like standing in an oven.


And, to be fair, it’s a dry cold here: my skin is chapping a bit, so I’ve even broken down and started lotioning after my shower in the morning. But factor in the wind in this cold and we might as well have liquid nitrogen rain.


The only saving grace about today was that it wasn’t that cold when I took the cats to the vet shortly after 7 this morning, so since I had the car warmed up, I didn’t really need to cover them up. And by the sounds of it, bringing them home tomorrow evening shouldn’t be too big a problem either.


So the only question left is this: which would I want to experience right now? 10 below or 107 above?


I hate dilemmas.


See you tomorrow.