Christmas Past

I’ve been threatening to do this for some time: to digitize the collection of some twelve years or so of home videos of our kids and the family at large. So I finally really began the process yesterday, capturing the video in segments, doing some processing and cleaning up as best I could of the raw video and saving it off to the server.


But then I take those raw videos and am dropping them into edited highlight packages, just to compress the action into something more entertaining than the original.


So, having done that with two segments yesterday, and because I want to get to bed early tonight, I give to you some items from Christmas 1998. The first, titled “The Tree” is one I put together some months ago to just start the process. It was posted here, but you can enjoy it again if you’ve forgotten about it.


The second is from the continuation of the tree decoration that day.


And finally, Patrick performing in the church Sunday School Christmas program…And by performing, I mean doing anything but.


Geez…And to think that sharing video on the internet at that time was expensive, complicated, and just a generally bad idea (does anyone else out there remember Real Player?).


I hope to chug through a handful of videos each week, and I’ll keep putting the best of them up here.


See you tomorrow.