The Best Laid Plans

You may have noticed it by now. Or maybe not–it’s been a subtle change, but one I’m hoping you recognize as time goes on.


I’m trying to make things a bit easier on me to post blog entries. I was disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t come up with much last year (I only posted 176 entries which I know is a lot, but still is short of where I’d like to be). So to that end, I’m coming up with a series of subject areas so I can come to them on a random basis and hopefully just keep the hopper full for each one and plant it as needed.


You’ve seen the tech support category, and the gluten-free and diet category already. I’ll have at least one picture category coming, a video category coming (especially as the great digitization project really gets going here–converting over and editing old home videos to digital so the memories there won’t permanently fall off of the magnetic tape media they’re currently stored on), more on weird links and pictures I find on the web, and, of course, a category that should encapsulate updates from the family.


So there you go. You’re forewarned about the coming year’s blog entries. It certainly merited the Friday entry, right?


See you tomorrow…er, Sunday night.