The Problem With IT, Episode #84

If there’s only one thing you take away from this evening’s rant, it should be this: we–IT, or Information Technology–are sometimes our own worst enemy. We design, make and support a system for people to use. And then skimp on training because we just don’t know how or don’t want to do it well because […]

The Cat Update

Those among you who have read last week’s entries will recall that we had taken Etta and Gus in for their declawing.   Of course, I do know that there are those of you who also drop in here once ever week or so and read backwards…So skip back a week and read forward for […]

The Occasional Movie Review

Tonight’s movie is one of those films that was very difficult to watch. It’s powerful and emotional and stars a couple Hollywood A-Listers, and all of those other things that seems to put a film into the Best Picture category in the Oscars.   Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close was a 2011 nominee for Best […]

Birthday Cars

It’s my dad’s birthday today, though by the time he reads this, it will be the day after his birthday, but still, Happy Birthday, Dad.   But oddly, driving the boy to school and Jenni and I to work this morning, we got talking about old cars from our past. We got behind a white […]


What does it say when today was the warm day of the week? It was 9 above this morning, no worry about the girls walking off to the bus stop and waiting for 5 minutes in the cold…Then, this afternoon, the bottom fell out again, and it’s cold and windy.   It dawned on me […]

The Claws Are Coming Out

Assuming you read this the day after I write it (which is what most of you do), by the time you read this, Etta and Gus will be at the vet to be declawed.   Oh, there are probably some of you bemoaning the fact that we’re taking away one of the cats’ natural defenses, […]

Well Here’s Your Problem…

One fascinating part of watching the election this past year was the absolute bewilderment shown by the Republicans in failing to win as much as they expected…Or failing to win at all. They were clearly flabbergasted by the results and didn’t know what went wrong.   The confusion began with the confidence of Romney’s pollsters […]

A Tip of the Blog

There are times that as a blogger, and probably even as a person, I feel pretty insignificant.   I blog about useless stuff, rant about politics, or sometimes, in those interesting times, post stuff about my family. Maybe even with pictures. I’m not out there analyzing the world or striving to make the world a […]

A Shot In The Dark

Just about a month ago, the country was forced to come to grips with one simple fact: we are all mortal–old, young, rich or poor–and everyone on this Earth has a limited time to experience life. Tragically, we learned this because 20 children, and six school staff members, and a mother who by all accounts […]

I Am Not That Guy

I’ve had my Yahoo! e-mail address since before it started–literally. I got this address when it was with a service called RocketMail, which was then bought in 1997 by Yahoo! who wanted in on the free e-mail business.   So, needless to say, I’ve been for a long, long, time. And for some reason […]