Pictures and Their Words

I was flipping through news sites online last week and came across this picture:

It made me howl. Honestly.


With no context or caption, it’s just hilarious. Heck, even with a context or caption, it’s hilarious. I’ll give you the real caption later. But it’s more fun to create an entire scene around this.


Scene 1: Swamp thing demands and receives an audience with the Queen. For the occasion, he wears his nice shoes.


Scene 2: Queen: “What? Speak up, man! I can’t hear you through all of that greenery.”


Scene 3: “I said I wanted a shrubbery. What the hell is this?”


Scene 4: Sgt. Winifred demonstrates the latest in the army’s Friday work casual uniforms.


Scene 5: “Just wait until one of the corgis sees you!”


Scene 6: “How long have you been with us, Pvt. Sasquatch?”


Scene 7: “Ha, ha, ha! Now shut up and get in the salad!”


Scene 8: (just because of the look she’s giving him) “I’ve got my eye on you. I was raised not to trust walking foliage.”


Scene 9: “Charles? Is that you? Did Camilla throw you out again?”


Here’s the real AP provided caption, which in itself offers a few opportunities for laughs: Queen Elizabeth II meets a camouflaged sniper from the Household Cavalry at Combermere Barracks in Windsor, England, on Nov. 26.


1: “Dammit! Who authorized the press to get a picture of our household camouflage? Now Philip is going to have to wear a robe around the house.”


2: “Gee, and I got all dressed up in my purplest suit for this.”


The thing is, you wonder how this conversation went. It seems as though she asked him a question, like how he is finding his service, or whether he can stand downwind because the ivy is starting to smell pretty ripe. Or maybe he’s complaining because he’s read that the snipers at the White House don’t have to dress up as vegetables in order to do their jobs.


And lastly, this picture raises one question: does one curtsy when wearing a dress made of grass? Just wonderin’.


See you tomorrow.