You stand warned now: it’s difficult to write this.


You see, Etta hopped up on my lap about 10 minutes ago as I was seated in front of the computer pondering this evenings missive, and has not shown any inclination to get out of my way. In fact, a short time ago, she ended up crawling up to sit on my arm, casually kneading it, licking my wrist and motoring with her distinctive, very loud purr.


And since I can’t really type easily with one hand, and have no desire to be here forever typing the whole post with just one hand, I ended up leaning back in my chair, letting her climb up on my chest, and lay down.


And so, as I write this very paragraph, she’s engaging in her evening bath, choosing this very moment to lick her butt on my chest between me and my keyboard.


I love kittens.


Actually, Pippin was similar, except for slightly different reasons, I think. Besides being extraordinarily attached to me (unlike Etta, who is somewhat attached to me, but also has four other people she can go to for attention), Pippin discovered that in the winter time, sitting on my lap when I was at my desk at home captured the full force of the furnace register positioned under my desk. So, if I was writing one of my many Constitutional Law papers, she’d enjoy a nice, warm lap.


And now, as if to break the mood, I need to wrap this up. Etta just farted and I need to clear the room for a bit.


See you tomorrow.