Sit down. Let me explain.


So last night, I sat down with all of the good intentions I could muster and even had the scant framework of an idea for a blog post floating in my head. I sat down, started letting the words flow through the fingertips into the keys of the keyboard, and at the end of the second paragraph, there came nothing more. The brain pan was as empty as a New York gas station’s tank.


Oh, it wasn’t as if I had nothing to talk about: Jenni was flown out to the San Francisco area and back over the course of a couple of days by Evernote; the kittens are continuing to be kittens and are discovering all kinds of new ways to get into trouble; I did a batch of baking on Saturday and made popovers and homemade soup on Sunday.


Yet I just couldn’t come up with anything that I thought was interesting enough to talk about. It’s kind of like opening up your mouth to speak and discovering that nothing’s coming out. Except it’s not exactly like that.


Life is pretty routine right now, and maybe that’s why I couldn’t come up with anything. Sure, there are things that are happening in our lives, but I don’t feel the need to share the details because they don’t seem important enough to share. For instance, Thanksgiving is coming, the kittens are always up to something, and we’re preparing to take possession of the car Patrick inherited from his great-grandfather. But how much more needs to be said?


So you get this instead: the lame explanation post about why there wasn’t a post last night. Guess I can make something out of nothing.


See you tomorrow.