We all got an hour of sleep this weekend, or at least theoretically. It was offered up, at least. I did sleep for that extra hour, so I took advantage.


The obligatory cat update offers up this gem: they found their way on top of the drop ceiling in the basement. Not once, but twice before I finally managed to get things situated so they couldn’t do that again. It was weird, though. I was downstairs, heard footsteps on what sounded like the drop ceiling, but thought the cats were just playing in the living room. Loudly.


They weren’t. Then I had to discover their point of entry. It was right over my desk. They haven’t been up since Saturday, so hopefully that will have the problem solved.


Jenni’s getting ready for a trip back to San Francisco this coming Thursday and Friday. Evernote is flying her back to the mothership so she can learn about the company and get a training they’ve put together for she and the other ambassadors. This time, however, the rest of us are not going along.


But immediately on the horizon is the election Tuesday. And depending on which side you listen to, it’s either the beginning of a new era in American progress, or the worst thing to happen to the country since…well…the last election.


I’m just happy to have it nearly done. Perhaps because I’ve had my mind made up since the mid-term elections. But mostly because I’m tired of the yelling going on from both sides. If they could channel half of that energy into actually being leaders, we might wind up in much better shape in four years. But that ain’t likely.


What’s interesting to me is something that was on 60 Minutes tonight that perfectly summed up the problem: No one wants to compromise because they don’t want to appear weak heading into the next election. And people are already thinking about that now…

And what is even more intriguing in the interviews in that piece with Reid and McConnell is how much they refer to “the American People” and what we want. Which is totally ironic because we all know they don’t have a clue what we want. They listen to their funders, the party, and everyone except the electorate.


And on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, or whenever these things finally get settled, there will be a lot of talk about the mandate given to the newly elected politicians from the people. And they still won’t have any idea what that really is.


There was a while that I was surprised that no candidate even brought up the gridlock from all sides of government. But then I figured out why: everyone’s been a participant in the stonewalling and filibustering that’s been going on now for the better part of four years. Obama can’t blame the congress (as he should be doing), and the congress can’t blame Obama because neither side has wanted to negotiate with the other. They’ve all just wanted to kick the can down the road until they get control of both houses of congress and the presidency.


And so, on Tuesday night, I’ll be standing in what I’m certain will be a long line at the polling place just over a block from here, and when I’m handed my ballot, I’ll be in and out of there much like I was four years ago–just a couple of minutes, filling out the already determined circles, and then out the door to head home.


Then I can sit down in front of the TV and tweet about the returns.


See you tomorrow.