If I Had Won

So someone won the Powerball. And it wasn’t me. So now I’ll tell you how I would have spent the money.   Just keep in mind it wouldn’t have changed me. Not in the least.   Had I won, you, gentle readers, would be reading this blog not on your computer, but instead on a […]

The Now Frequent Occasional Movie Review

Next up in this cavalcade of movie reviews is The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, which seemed to have a casting director who just went to all of the current popular older British actors and then built a story around them. Of course, that’s not true, since there were some actors missing, and the movie is based […]

The Occasional Movie Review

Apologies for the break last week. I bought a new toy–a Nexus 7 Android tablet–and just didn’t have much of anything to say. Instead, I watched a bunch of movies. So you get a few days of movie reviews.   First up is Jiro Dreams of Sushi, a documentary about Jiro Ono, an 85-year-old man considered […]

Two Cars

The residents of Lathropworld went on a minor spending spree this weekend.   We’ve been blessed with an inheritance from my grandfather’s estate–which, truth be told was a little bit of a surprise because I’d grown up hearing he and my grandmother promise all of us grandkids and our parents that the only thing they […]


You stand warned now: it’s difficult to write this.   You see, Etta hopped up on my lap about 10 minutes ago as I was seated in front of the computer pondering this evenings missive, and has not shown any inclination to get out of my way. In fact, a short time ago, she ended […]


Sit down. Let me explain.   So last night, I sat down with all of the good intentions I could muster and even had the scant framework of an idea for a blog post floating in my head. I sat down, started letting the words flow through the fingertips into the keys of the keyboard, […]


On the morning after, people wake up feeling either elated or depressed, or for some, even sick. It’s not a new phenomena after elections, especially big ones, to have some sort of visceral reaction to the results, but what’s surprising to me is that people don’t see the long-term big picture: there have been those […]


Ah, election night. It’s always been a big deal, but back in my youth, it was a lot of fun and quite an experience.   You see, ages ago, in 1976, actually, my mom, in her deep wisdom, signed me up to help her work at the election headquarters for Minneapolis.   Back then, voters […]