Who Am I Kidding?

Oh trust me. I know. I know that really, the entire reason for you visiting the site these days is to see Dr. Henrietta von Flufflebutt and And Guest–Etta and Gus–and find out what their latest hijinks have been.


And I could very well indulge you. I could. And I will, at some point.


Sorry for being away for a while. I’ve been fighting the cold that currently seems to have its grip on everyone. It’s settled in my head, causing the morning stuffiness, headache and sore throat. And after about an hour of getting going and rinsing out the sinuses and a hot, steamy shower, things finally get to the point where I’m feeling human again. But it’s an exhausting cold for some reason, and I’ve been eager to curl up in bed since Thursday night. But Friday, I decided to just stay home and rest.


Saturday afternoon, Jenni, Patrick and I went to the Gopher game–outside, in 30-ish degree weather (I know, I know…). (See the picture on the Tumblr site as linked at the right). Jenni hasn’t been to the new Gopher football stadium yet, and even though she isn’t a fan of football at all, she seemed to have a great time. And honestly, I think Patrick had a better time, too. I get involved in the game. He watches the band and Goldy…Always has, probably always will. Then he checks back into the game enough to ask me what just happened. It’s okay. It’s just who he is.


Yesterday, I fulfilled a hunger–Sunday evenings being my ambitious dinner evening–and I threw together the full turkey dinner. Sure, we had a friend over so she could meet the cats, but honestly, I would have made turkey anyway because I was just hungry for it.


So back to the cats. We’ve gradually been opening up the house for them to roam and get comfortable in. By Sunday afternoon, we’d opened up the basement and even moved the food and litter box to their permanent locations. After some issues navigating the stairs (seemed to be the first time for that apparatus for them), they seemed to enjoy having so much room. So in the space of just over a week, they went from living in a 3×3 foot cage to having two stories of a house at their disposal. Plus comfy spots to fall asleep, five people anxious to show them attention, toys, a constant stream of food and water, and the new-found bonus: a kitchen.


Both cats have discovered that the kitchen is the Source of All Food. So for quite a bit of yesterday afternoon and this morning preparing breakfast and lunch, I had two kittens circling underfoot. It’s a good and bad thing at the same time: I’ve missed that in the few weeks that Pippin’s been gone, so I’m happy to have that normal back in my life, but I’m forced to admit that it’s a bit of an annoyance to have. Especially where the turkey was concerned. Both have had some of the beast, and they’ve got a craving for it now.


In the meantime, I took them into the vet on Saturday morning for the free checkup you get if you adopt a cat from the Humane Society. Of course, as with all free things, free doesn’t translate into free when you end up leaving having paid about $100 per cat for booster shots, first shots, and a blood test. Ah well. Cost of the pet. Wash, rinse and repeat in a month…This time bringing fresh stool sample with me to make sure they’re dewormed…Fun!


They have been pretty nocturnal–as cats tend to be–since we’ve had them home. For the last few mornings, I’ve heard them chasing each other around and playing anytime from about 3 a.m. through to about 4:30 or 5. This past morning, however, was different, as they discovered the joy that is sleeping in a bed with two warm people.


At one point, I rolled over and came face-to-face with a furball with a very loud motor. Yes, there seems to be much happiness in the kitty kingdom around here.


So there you go. More on the kittens. Check the pictures over on the Tumblr page, and I’m sure you’ll hear more about them here.


See you tomorrow.