All the Cats Who’ve Come Before

Oh hell. I don’t know why I’m even going to bother not trying to write about the cats for a while. It’s been so long since any of us have had kittens that it’s fun to relive this phase again.


We’ve gradually been introducing Etta and Gus to new parts of the house each evening: they arrived in Jenni’s den, were released into the living room last night, and tonight were given the run of most of the first floor. They’ve been pleasantly compliant so far, in spite of their curiosity, only getting into small amounts of trouble over the last couple of nights.


So tonight, while I was making dinner, I sat down in one of the living room chairs, and was quickly greeted by this:

And yes, it was noisy with all of the motoring. Though this was after Etta licked all of my fingers very thoroughly. I’d write it off as her being interested in the smells of dinner making, but I think it’s mainly her way of expressing her love, because she’s done it to Jenni too.


We’re seeing more of their personality. Etta is definitely the aggressive, forceful one. She will clearly be the one who will expect to get what she wants through the course of her life. Gus is settling into what I think he’s decided is going to be a pretty nice life. He enjoys playing, sleeping, and he too has developed a very loud purr which was very surprising. They’re both starting to vocalize a bit, with Etta sounding more like trills and high pitched squeaks than meows, but we’ll see how that changes with age.


My father will be pleased to know that both cats have taken to playing with wadded up balls of paper, and Gus in particular will carry them around in his mouth and sit and chew on them and then play with them more as he feels the need. Before that, he was carrying around a jingle ball in his mouth. He now prefers the paper wads.


You forget, though, once you’ve had an adult cat for so long, just how easy it is for kittens to jump and climb, and just how fearless they are about most things. Etta climbed up three-quarters of the way up the gates I’d put up at the top of the stairs to the basement before I caught her and got her down. She tried once more before I squirted her with the water bottle, and she hasn’t tried since.


They both get quite a second wind around 9:30 every evening, chasing each other and rough housing for quite a while. Though Etta has this odd affectation when they fight: she will run at Gus kind of sideways with her back arched and her tail fluffed up a little bit. I know what she’s trying to do, but she just isn’t quite there yet, and frankly, it’s just funny to watch.


So there you go: the latest news from the cat front.


See you tomorrow.