So yeah, I watched the debate.


Well, truth be told, I started watching, but 15 minutes in, I just turned on the radio and listened on NPR. And I think I ended up experiencing the same things talked about with the Nixon-Kennedy debate.


For two men who initially looked pretty stiff and measured on TV, they came off  on the radio as extremely well spoken, knowledgeable, intelligent, and honestly committed to the topics they talked about in this debate.


Okay, and I listened to it partially because I watched the end of the Twins season…I’ve got my priorities, you know.


But the debate…I almost feel dirty for saying that both men sounded good and that if they could carry that tone forward, either might be a good leader.


Except that this debate was only on a handful of issues, and we all know the tone ends tomorrow when both are presumably back on the campaign trail.


In fact, I think in listening to it, this was the most respectful political discourse this country has seen in over two years.


Kinda sad, really.


See you tomorrow.