I know. I don’t know quite what to do either, with no trip entries to write or any notes on the cat, or anything like that. It’s back to talking about normal, everyday life.


Have you noticed it’s fall yet?

This was just north of the Girl Scout camp where the girls spent the weekend, just northeast of the immediate metro area. And I’m fairly sure that the picture doesn’t do it justice.


It was a weekend that was completely out-of-round, in the sense that little of it was normal. Jenni and I took the girls up to the camp on Friday night, helped get things settled and prepped for the chocolate retreat their troop was leading for 40 or so other girls. Then Jenni and I made our way home late Friday night so we could be up early to attend a Saturday morning wedding.


Yup. A first for me, but not weird by any means. The wedding was at 10:30 Saturday morning at an old church on campus at the U. And being a good Lutheran wedding, the “I Dos,” readings, and even the sermonette were done by 10:50. We congratulated the bride and groom on the way out and headed to the golf club for the reception, where we had breakfast–scrambled eggs, sausage, hash browns and bacon, with the usual trappings of orange juice, mimosas and champagne.


We were out of there around 1:30, off to get home for Jenni to pack and then headed back to the camp so I could drop her and enough popcorn for 50+ people.


I got home , and Patrick and I, batching it for the evening, took ourselves out for a pasta dinner at Mansetti’s. I crashed when we got home, and was asleep by 9:30.


I was up by 8 this morning, did some picking up, dishes, started laundry, and then went back to the camp to collect my bunch so they could be home for the remainder of the afternoon.


Caught up with a TV show and finally watched “The Artist” this evening (which I’ve had from Netflix since there was a Kennedy in the Senate. Quick review: A very well done movie, though nothing about it really made it a great movie.


So there you go. Back to normal around here. More normal here tomorrow.


See you tomorrow.