The Voyage – Day Eleven

It has been said before here: Utah–Wow.


In my mind while I was planning the trip, Utah served no other purpose than to provide two nights of beds and pillows. In the end, we only slept there for one night, but it’s still an amazing looking state, and we were all very surprised.


The north was hilly, but the hills and mountains were breathtaking and covered by pine trees until we finished our descent into Salt Lake City. Then west of there, it was nothing but the lake and salt flats until we hit the desert of Nevada.  But even that was amazing, because you knew that at some point, at some time in history, there actually was a huge lake there, which flattened out everything around it for miles.


Now we were in the south, and our day started out in Cedar City. It, and a good sixty miles or so of farms and towns sat in a wide green valley between two mountain ranges. Heading north, we enjoyed the green that nestled at the bottom of this valley, and then the hills and mountains turned ever rockier:


Then our freeway branched off to the east, and we began the unpredictable but constant climb up into the Rockies. But wow what a climb it was and how different some of the scenery could be:


We knew we were headed home–we were going east. But things were still much different from home. I can’t speak for the rest of the family, but I wouldn’t feel like we were really headed for home until we got into Nebraska. But the gang all looked happy here anyway:

Shortly thereafter, we entered a new state. Just a couple more before we’d be home.


Tomorrow: A valley low, two miles high, and a tunnel…er, bore.


See you tomorrow.

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  1. This leg of our trip was rivaled in beauty only by the Pacific Coast Highway. Those were the only times where I made Paul pull over the car simply so I could spend a little time looking at how beautiful these places were.

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