The Voyage – Day Ten

Yep. We’re into double digits today.


We put the glittering lights of Sin City behind us and headed east. This day was kind of a special day: the last with actual destinations for us to see. You see, for most of the nights on the trip, we had a destination in mind: the Black Hills, the Great Salt Lake, San Francisco, the coast, and Las Vegas. Everything after today would be just stops on the way home.


The first destination for the day was just miles east of Vegas: the Hoover Dam. Sure, it’s a technological and engineering marvel. But really, when you’re there, you realize that it’s just huge. And you can’t really appreciate its scale based just on pictures. But I’ll show you a picture anyway:

But then you can turn around and some of the area looks like another planet:


Then we headed further east to go from a man-made attraction to a natural wonder: The Grand Canyon.


I’m just going to comment briefly here, and only one other time further down and let the pictures speak for themselves. But I didn’t expect it to be nearly as breathtaking as it really is. I hate to say it, but I expected a really pretty hole in the ground. But instead, I got something truly spectacular and gorgeous.


The kids thought things were pretty cool there too, climbing on the rocks, sitting and looking at the canyon, and Patrick and Zoe even climbed down onto a precipice:


We moved on from there, actually having to drive around the perimeter of the canyon at night to get to our hotel in Utah. Once we left the park, we were officially on our way home.


Tomorrow: Utah surprises again, and we begin the long climb.


See you tomorrow.