The Voyage, Day Three

Tuesday. Casper, Wyoming. The third day of the trip is dawning. We’ll get up and head further west and end up in Salt Lake City.


At least that was the plan until there was that knock at the door at 6:30 in the morning.


The police told us there was a hostage situation. For us, it really meant that my family was stuck in their pajamas for a day and we couldn’t get our luggage. For us, it meant that we were now a day late, anxious to get moving again, but we were safe. You can see the details here.


So we were the guests of the city of Casper for a while, with the kids holding court in the City Council chambers:

I think this was the vote to make some boy band their official band. Or something like that.


But then the hotel ownership and management stepped up to take us to another one of their hotels in town so we’d at least have a comfortable place to stay until things were resolved. So we got to experience Casper’s public transportation system. Apparently, they need a lot of direction on how to use it:

Yes, besides the flag blocking some windows, there are signs on the falls, front, handrails, and even one on the ceiling, all telling people how to ride the bus, which seats can be used by which people, not to eat, not to stand, and, perhaps most importantly, that there were actually both Tina and Mike P. driving the bus. (Really! Go look at the full sized version of the photo here.)


Fortunately, we got our bags by 8:30 that night. We were all safe, and the worst of it was that we were going to be resuming our trip 24 hours later than planned. So day four is going to be a long one.


See you tomorrow.