I know. I don’t know quite what to do either, with no trip entries to write or any notes on the cat, or anything like that. It’s back to talking about normal, everyday life.   Have you noticed it’s fall yet? This was just north of the Girl Scout camp where the girls spent the […]

The Voyage – The Road Home

These last two days–a blitz across Nebraska, stopping overnight in Des Moines, then a very short day to finally get home–were all about one thing: getting home.   As I said last time, Nebraska was overwhelmingly flat, or it seemed that way until you realize that when we entered Nebraska, we still were around 3500 […]

The Voyage – Day Twelve

At some point on a road trip, you need to really start heading home. By this point, we were getting tired of the road, the car, and the hotels, and home was just a couple of days away. So crossing Colorado–and Nebraska and Iowa, for that matter–wasn’t going to be a highlight. Unless they gave […]

The Voyage – Day Ten

Yep. We’re into double digits today.   We put the glittering lights of Sin City behind us and headed east. This day was kind of a special day: the last with actual destinations for us to see. You see, for most of the nights on the trip, we had a destination in mind: the Black […]

The Voyage – Day Nine

Frisco is behind us. An overnight in Bakersfield is behind us. And we’re heading southeast and then east across southern California.   We break from the well-irrigated fields of central California through a small group of mountains and find ourselves in the Mojave Desert, which I don’t find to look quite as I expected. And […]

The Voyage – Day Eight

Stay close, folks. Lots to cover today!   It’s Sunday. We left home one week ago, and after three nights in a swanky hotel in San Francisco, we’re breaking camp to head in a general easterly direction to begin the trip home.   But we’ve got some unfinished business in San Francisco today. We’ve got […]

Moving On

For those very few of you out there who haven’t heard, Pippin died sometime overnight last night. It had been difficult over the last few days watching her body slowly shut down, but I’m positive that she was comfortable and at peace throughout. It was how we all should be able to leave this mortal […]


I know I should be writing a post on the trip. But I just don’t have it in me right now.   It’s been a draining few days here. Thursday was my grandfather’s memorial service following his death last month. My mom and her brothers, my dad and I all delivered some words on our […]