Now What?

Over the course of about the last week or so, I’ve managed somehow to catch up completely with all of the TV shows I watch–or at least all of the TV shows that I actively pay attention to.


I finished up this past season of Mad Men last weekend, finally seeing what all of the hubbub was over Joan, Jaguar, Lane and Peggy. And if these names mean nothing to you, you don’t watch the show, so don’t worry about it.


Midweek, I finished up watching Doc Martin, which also means I’m caught up there and just have to wait for the next and possibly final season.


And last night (Saturday), Jenni, the girls, and I finally watched the last episode of Downton Abbey‘s second season. Of all three shows, this is the one that I really cannot wait for.


Stupid period soap operas.


But it’s a strange feeling, and I’m a little bit at a loss because I haven’t been completely caught up on everything before.


I sat down and looked over my Netflix queue and found a couple of things that it thinks I should pick up: Forty Something, a Britcom starring Hugh Laurie as a middle-aged doctor who’s cracking up while his family disintegrates around him; and Reggie Perrin, season two, which is about a middle-aged executive who is cracking up while it seems like his world is crumbling around him.


No, really. I don’t see a trend here.


Neither grabbed me right now. But I’m not really sure what I’m looking to watch.


It’s probably a good time to be at this point though…With the trip and all…


T Minus Seven.


See you tomorrow.