Thanks to all–on varying platforms–for your well wishes for me and my family. Much appreciated.


It’s funny, though, how life continues for the world even when someone you love dies. I was at work yesterday and today, feeling a bit detached and in a fog yesterday. But today was back to near normal.


Around here, it’s full steam ahead. We’re prepping for the trip, and for the return to school for the kids just a couple of days after we get back. The girls had checkups today (all healthy and thumbs up, thank you), and just to top things off, Patrick is prepping to leave at 4:30 tomorrow morning for a hiking and camping trip with scouts for the weekend.


I’ve got mental, electronic, and even a paper list of things to do and keep track of between now and when we leave–ranging from a packing list to a shopping list and a checklist of things to do and buy to leave the cat for that time.


It’s weird how something that was so nebulous just a month or two ago is so real now.


For those who haven’t seen it, Jenni’s actually going to be helping lead a session at the Evernote conference when we’re in San Francisco:

So that right there is our ticket to free hotel rooms in the city by the bay.


I don’t quite have our return trip plotted out exactly yet–that’s on the list of things to do this weekend.


It never ends, right?


See you tomorrow.