It’s been a quiet week, or at least fairly uneventful, so I’m finding myself kind of at a loss for things to write about.


Jenni and the kids have had three nights of vacation bible school at church, so the cat and I have been batching it for a couple of hours right after work. Which is nice, except that by tonight, it was just too quiet around here. And with no baseball game, I had no interest in watching the Olympics.


Yes, I’m Olympics free since…Oh, Tuesday, sometime.


Not to say I’m a big fan of watching the Olympics. Most of the sports don’t hold any interest for me, and the ones I do like aren’t the ones they tend to run on the evening sessions on TV. And I just haven’t wanted to make too much effort to watch the stuff on the web.


So things will get back to normal tomorrow night. Maybe I’ll have more to talk about then.


See you tomorrow.