Now What?

Over the course of about the last week or so, I’ve managed somehow to catch up completely with all of the TV shows I watch–or at least all of the TV shows that I actively pay attention to.   I finished up this past season of Mad Men last weekend, finally seeing what all of the … Read moreNow What?


Thanks to all–on varying platforms–for your well wishes for me and my family. Much appreciated.   It’s funny, though, how life continues for the world even when someone you love dies. I was at work yesterday and today, feeling a bit detached and in a fog yesterday. But today was back to near normal.   … Read moreLists


One thing about age is that I think it’s an automatic license to impart wisdom to people. Sure, there’s the cliché stuff, but if you get the right person, sometimes the right things come out and trickle into your life. It’s just up to you to listen and accept it.   One such giver of … Read moreLoss


Thanks to all for the birthday wishes this past weekend. It’s not often you turn 43, so thanks for making it special!   In honor of being that much older, I’ve been taking it easy on these entries the last couple of days. I should be back from a little break tomorrow.   See you … Read moreBirthdays


It’s been a quiet week, or at least fairly uneventful, so I’m finding myself kind of at a loss for things to write about.   Jenni and the kids have had three nights of vacation bible school at church, so the cat and I have been batching it for a couple of hours right after … Read moreScraping

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