My apologies if this gets too far off track. I’m not entirely here this evening.


We all got home around 1:15 or so this morning, to bed then sometime shortly before 2 a.m., I think. I wasn’t with it, so I’m not entirely sure.


But it was well worth it.


Jenni threw herself a 40th birthday party last night, and it lingered into the wee hours of this morning, causing none in the house to wake up before 9 this morning, which is very rare.


She’d commented as we were out buying the paper products and adult beverages for the evening that this was our first real adult party–one not thrown for the kids, with an emphasis on the drinking and socializing, and definite lack of emphasis on the food. And she was right.


Though that isn’t to say there wasn’t food–candy, brownies, cupcakes, chips, pretzels, and the like were available, but people were encouraged to bring their own bottle to the shindig, and several did. Including some who made the bottle and its contents a gift.


As a result, we now have 4 different brands of gin in our bar. A tasting may be required soon.


But back to Jenni. She’s not 40 yet. That comes toward the end of the week, and then the two of us will be over forty–a position that I’ve been in for nearly three years now.


Her party was a big success. Many hours of fine conversation and celebrating Jenni’s pending birthday. People mingled, lingered, talked, and seemed to truly enjoy the company. And, what’s even better is that the guest of honor had a blast, too. So that makes it totally worthwhile.


To those who came, thank you so much. Jenni really appreciated it, and I enjoyed seeing you, even though I was in host mode and trying to make sure that all of the food and drink stations were adequately stocked.


To those unable to join us, know that we missed you but appreciate your well wishes.


But it’s tiring being a grown up, even after such a joyful party. All day today has seemed to have me moving in slow motion, even though between relaxing, I’ve packed up the leftover food and drink, the extra paper products, done dishes, washed the laundry, and even come to write this. I feel as though I’m in a bit of a fog. But I’m sure that will pass after another good night’s sleep.


So I will head off to do just that. Head off to bed.


See you tomorrow.