I know that I tend to, well, let’s say “overproduce” when it comes to entertaining. In an effort to make everything perfect, or at the very least, really very good, I do go a bit overboard on the food-based hospitality.
So it was on Monday night. Jenni was hosting her book club meeting at our house, and I was in charge of coming up with a couple of appetizer/snack type items to serve the gathering.


She gave me three ideas to run with: sangria, gin and tonics, and the hot artichoke dip that I make.


Okay. Nice start. I need to serve more. At least enough to counter the alcohol.


So by the weekend, I’d had it figured out: veggies and dip, a fruit tray, bruschetta with fresh mozzarella, hummus and pita, and yes, the artichoke dip.


All that for about 10 people. I kinda overdid it. Yeah.


Not to say that was entirely a bad thing: all of the artichoke dip was gone fairly early in the evening. We went through more than one pitcher of the sangria, and I mixed two gin and tonics. Plus, I’ve got a bunch of extra veggies and fruit for lunches this week. And hummus. Can’t forget the hummus.


We’ve got another big party next weekend (not this coming weekend, but the following one): Jenni’s 40th birthday. Her invite mentioned sweets, so I think I’ll have to spend some time thinking about that one. Next week may be filled with much baking.


For now, though, the fridge is very, very full. We’ll have to get it emptied a bit before next weekend’s carousing.


See you tomorrow.