The Return

Back to reality time. Tomorrow’s Monday, and that means back-to-work, such as that is.


Patrick’s home from his annual week-long camping expedition with the scouts up at Many Point. He always worries and fusses before going, and this year was no different, as he actually declared the day before he left that he didn’t want to go. But in spite of any misgivings he may have had, he had a good time and enjoyed himself, as usual.


This year, however, almost as soon as getting into the house, he texted or called his girlfriend…Some things do change, apparently.


By the accounts I’d heard, the weather up there wasn’t that bad–mid-80s all week, some humidity, like here, so I guess on that point he didn’t miss much. Except that it seems like I haven’t turned off the air conditioning since May Day.


Tomorrow’s slated to be another steambath, with threats of 101 degrees here in the grand all-important metropolitan area. There’s part of me that’s starting to think that the heat and humidity won’t break until we head out on our vacation (which, coincidentally, begins in almost exactly one month). Though from everything I’ve seen, hot days are extremely rare in San Francisco. If the place weren’t so damned expensive, I’d consider relocating.


I think I’m almost to the point to actually book hotels and make the commitments for the trip–in my typically deliberate fashion, I’ve been painstakingly planning out our itinerary, which locations are to be had on which days, and then a plan I have is to offer up some local attractions to the family and see what people want to see or do for our brief stop in that place.


And on the topic, I’m still welcoming donations! (laugh if you must, but I’m not gonna say no to gifts).


I’ll share the plan with the class when we get closer.


Stay cool this week, everyone!


See you tomorrow.