With all due apologies, I need to let you know I somehow lost one of the best posts I’d ever written last night. I hit post, and somehow, it vanished into the ether–neither posting nor saving itself in the software that drives this blog.


Okay, maybe it wasn’t one of the best posts I’d ever written. I don’t know that was even that good. I’m occasionally prone to over emphasis.


But let this be a lesson to all of you out there: even us techies–who can make chronic computer problems disappear the minute we look at your computer–can suffer like the rest of you. The only difference is that we can figure out how to fix it faster.


Assuming we can figure out what went wrong. That’s where I am with the problem of last night’s post: I have no idea what happened, so I can’t really start to remedy a problem that I can’t find.


So, unfortunately, you’re left with this: a half-entry that’s trying too hard to be cute and funny while letting me get off to my real job for the morning: making lunches for the day.


Again, my profuse, sincere apologies for all of that. Well, not the lunch bit. I’m having homemade tabbouleh today and Jenni’s having quiche.


See you tomorrow.