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Two Mondays

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Here’s the problem with a 4th of July plopped unceremoniously in the middle of the week: it makes the previous and following weekdays horrible to have to live through.


Every day I try to sort of guesstimate whether the day will be busy or not, just so that I can prepare and ready myself for the onslaught. I don’t know why that is, but I just always have since I’ve been doing support. With a week like this, I wasn’t sure what to expect: did people take Monday and Tuesday off, so that they had the long weekend heading into the Fourth? Or did they take Thursday and Friday off so that they could have the fourth to load up and watch explosions and then sleep it off until Sunday afternoon?


I had my answer, and it came at a cost.


The answer is that people seem to have taken the latter half of the week off. Because Monday and Tuesday were busy and today was slow–in fact, it seemed very much like time decided to stand still today at times. 10 this morning felt like it should have been lunchtime. 2 this afternoon should have been quitting time. Yet it kept going, and the phone rang rather infrequently.


But that could also have been due to the fact that today really was the second Monday of the week in a week that seemed to be hesitant: starting and stopping as if it wasn’t sure it should continue. Sure, you could say that Tuesday then was the first Friday of the week, but it almost didn’t feel that way for some reason. Fridays at work are a little more relaxed and laid back, and Tuesday was not that.


Tomorrow may very well be completely dead. Though as I joked with an admin as I was fixing his Adobe Flash problem, I pointed out that it appeared that only the people who actually did work were at work today. He laughed and agreed completely–but I’ve actually helped him and “known” him, at least over the phone, for my entire time there, so it’s like every call that I get him is a chance to catch up.


Tomorrow’s Friday…Again. The second of the week, but more importantly, the real one. We’ll be prepping this weekend for Patrick’s annual camping expedition with scouts next week. And then it’s time for my Mother’s Day gift to my mom–a day out for just the two of us. Looking forward to it.


See you on the other side of the weekend.