Damned Hot

Well, life here on the surface of the sun certainly is warm…


We’re in the midst of a solid week-plus of 90+ weather, and while there were one or two days with the heat and no humidity, a lot of the days have had plenty of humidity.


Today, for instance, was like walking around in some sort of super-sized sauna, to the point where I think I was sweating as soon as I thought about heading outside.


Yesterday was not as bad. But it was still humid. So we spent the morning with Jenni’s brother and his family at the Minnesota Zoo walking around outside–to the Dinosaur exhibit, through some other exhibits, then to a picnic lunch, and then inside…To the Tropics Building.


Can’t they make an Arctic Building? House penguins, polar bears, and other cold-weather animals in some man-made indoor tundra? I’d go for that.


It wasn’t horrible. I just have that Dunnette predisposition to break out in a huge sweat just by sitting up in bed. Lifting a finger will cause a bead or two to break out on my forehead.


I hydrated pretty well yesterday–by the end of the day, I’d taken in about two gallons of water. And, had salty chips and pickles for myself at lunch to help replenish that part.


And because I’m certain that there’s just no way around cooking in weather like this for a while, I bit the bullet, cranked up the AC in the kitchen, and went ahead and made homemade pizzas tonight.


I’ve asked people how they manage to live in hot areas of the country and still survive. One friend who was from south Florida and actually just moved back there within the past year has told me that the weather there is an argument against socialization and for air conditioning, maintaining that the hot, humid weather keeps people away from each other–even from touching one-another.


But I also talk to people in Tempe, Arizona at work, and they always talk about the dry heat. But I just have to ask–When it’s 110 degrees outside, does it really make a difference if it’s dry or not? It’s like being presented with the choice between being in an oven or sauna. Neither is a particularly appetizing idea to me.


The week ahead will be odd: two days of work, a holiday, then two more days of work before the weekend. And you know that Thursday is just going to be a hangover–perhaps even literally–as people will have been out at the fireworks shows that don’t even start until around 10 p.m. I’m hoping for a quiet week, because I think people will either be taking the first two days off, or the last two…Or maybe even the whole week. We’ll see what happens.


So here’s hoping you all stay cool this week.


See you tomorrow.