Perpetual Motion

School’s out. So why do I feel like I’m running in circles?


It’s been busy around here for a while–actually, going back to early May. Something’s been going on every weekend, things during the week…


I know. This is going to sound like complaining, and it probably is, but this is what having a family is about, right?


The girls have had day camp for scouts all week. Then they’re in another parade tomorrow night (Friday), right after work. Patrick’s going to be working for some scout-run concession stand at the Back to the ’50s car show at the fairgrounds on Sunday, and Jenni and I even have an event to go to on Sunday night.


I’m sure everything will be great fun. But there’s always that part of me that just wants to completely vegetate and not do anything at all. Not even think about doing things. In fact, that seems to be the bigger problem–not that I don’t have time to relax, because I actually do, when I take advantage of it–but I feel like everything’s just one event right after another. I’m thinking there’s no time to breathe. When in fact there is.


Maybe it’s from the pace of work: I went back on the phones this week after 3+ weeks off. So the pace is much different, more immediate with a lot of waiting for the phone to ring.


Aw well. I sat around for a while tonight, worrying about what to write about…It’s written now, and it’s time for bed. I always look forward to Fridays.


See you tomorrow.