What is this, you may ask?

Okay, yeah, it’s Hannah and Zoe, and if you look closely, you may notice they, along with those around them, are in their Girl Scout uniforms. But what’s with the white picket fence and flowers?


This may answer the question:

That’s the float in the Celebrate Northeast Parade for the Girl Scouts’ Stinson Hills Service Unit, kind of a region of troops in the area. Hannah and Zoe went out on it, in spite of the evening’s heat, and in spite of the fact that they and most of the other girls on the float were all at day camp today in the heat as well.


And, just to show they held up in the heat, this was toward the end of the parade route, as carried on a local access cable station:


Yeah. Hannah and Zoe with some key camera time.


And just FYI, the parade was large enough where the Girl Scouts were finished (they were the 23rd unit to go), we gathered up the girls and headed to grab some dinner then still got home while the parade was still going on. Pretty impressive for a 13 block parade.


So a fun, if not hot day.


See you tomorrow.