If it’s May or June, it’s a seemingly never-ending succession of gatherings at our place…Though the good news is that once you’ve done the heavy cleaning for event #1, the subsequent cleanings for later events become progressively easier.


This weekend features another celebratory double-dip. Patrick is having friends over on Saturday, for an afternoon of TV watching, and whatever else it is that teenagers do these days. The weather is promised to be humid, hot and rainy, so that probably locks them all into the basement for the duration, leaving them to emerge at the end of the festivities blinking, like animals just awakened from their cave slumber.


But I’ll give Patrick credit: he’s trying to weave in a surprise birthday party for his girlfriend. That’s a pretty romantic for a kid who, according to the laws of teenage boy-dom,  is prevented from showing any kind of sentiment toward anyone else.


After Saturday’s overrunning, Sunday will feel like a cakewalk: just a father’s day gathering with Jenni’s dad. We’ll do some grilling, hang out, and have a quietish Sunday.


And I think there’s not much on the calendar for next weekend…We shall see.


See you tomorrow.