On The Weekend

I’m back, which obviously means we all survived the weekend.


Not to say it was bad, by any means. Hotter than all get-out, sure, but in most other ways, it was a very good weekend.


Friday after school, we were descended upon by about 10 of the girls’ friends for their sleepover party. Please first understand that I don’t think this house was designed to hold that many pre-teens. Not at the same time, anyway.


Jenni, bless her, had the first couple of hours with them on her own: I was finishing up at work, and then getting Patrick.


I’d had one order from the girls for what they wanted to serve as food to their friends: bacon. By the end of breakfast Saturday morning, the kids all wolfed down four pounds of the stuff–and I didn’t get any. I was almost to the point where I wondered if I needed to send home a health advisory with the parents. But I didn’t.


The highlights, as expressed to me by the girls: “the whole thing,” “the bacon,” and, perhaps even the stuffed bears. Note their size in this picture:

Yeah. They’re huge.


And, because they aren’t fans of cake, I got creative (with an idea from Jenni), and made individual ice cream cupcakes:


But everyone seemed to have a good time, so we’ll declare the party a success.


Saturday after the party broke up, Patrick and I headed off to the Twins game:

Sure, it was very hot on Saturday, but as you can see, we were in the shade, and there actually was a nice breeze coming from right behind us. Plus, the Twins won, so that made for a great day.


So Sunday was given over to recovery, the usual weekend activities: groceries, and laundry; and just enjoying some downtime.


The kids are done with school for another year: Patrick has just two years left in high school, assuming he passes everything. And the girls will be seventh graders this fall…Time really does fly.


Welcome to the summer, everyone.


See you tomorrow.