All Together Now

So, with one last celebration for Jenni and a cousin who just completed her Associate’s program, a bunch of my family gathered at my uncle’s house for really just some together time.


The celebration, honestly (and I hope I’m not belittling it, but I don’t think I am), was just all of us being together.


My grandfather was there, which is always a good thing, especially in light of some of his health issues lately. Two uncles were there, an aunt, a girlfriend, a couple of cousins, my parents, my brother-in-law, and all of the under 16 set who belong to us.


The weather held out pretty well–it wasn’t too warm, nor cold. It was cloudy, but had enough glimpses of sun to at least make my forehead red and slightly painful, so at least I’ve gotten the first sunburn of the summer out of the way early.


We had some great food, cake to celebrate the two grads, drinks, badminton, conversation, and plenty of play time for the cousins and extended cousins.


So, because this has consumed about an hour of my evening, I give to you some edited highlights from the badminton festivities, especially for those of you not on Facebook…



Thanks all for the great time!


See you tomorrow.